Privacy Statement


Pax Play Co., Ltd. (the "Company") complies with the personal information protection regulations of related laws and regulations that the information and communication service providers must comply with, such as the Communication Privacy Protection Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection, We are committed to protecting the rights and interests of our members by establishing a privacy policy in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

① Contract for service provision

Providing contents for website and application service use, authentication

② Membership Management

Confirmation of legal representative's consent when collecting personal information of children under the age of 14, legal representative (s), legal representative (s) Confirm your identity, keep records for dispute settlement, process complaints, etc.

③ Development and marketing of customized services, utilization of advertising

Provide services according to customized service and statistical characteristics, and provide advertisement, event and advertisement information and participation opportunities, statistics on access frequency,


2. Personal information items to collect

The company collects personal information such as the following when signing up for membership and smooth customer consultation and various services.

① In this service, personal information of members is gathered through information collecting frame at the time of service sign-up (website, application).

② Personal information collection items are as follows.

i. General information: ID, password, email, gender, mobile phone number

ii. Optional information: Date of birth

③ Personal information collection items are as follows. The following information may be automatically generated and collected during the process of using the service or other processing. A mobile phone number, a service use record, a connection log, a cookie, a connection IP information, a bad use record, etc. provided by a terminal for sending a push message


3. Retention and use period of personal information

While maintaining the membership of the service you are using, the Company keeps the personal information you provide.

① Personal information collected for temporary purposes will be deleted without delay if the purpose of use is achieved. However, if personal information such as address is provided for the event application, we will keep the relevant personal information for the period of posting through the event guide from the end of the event to respond to customers for sending the event goods and applying for the event.

② In case of withdrawing consent to provide personal information (withdrawal of service), the personal information collected from this service will be immediately destroyed and can not be used for any purpose except for the exception. However, if it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of the related laws, the company keeps the member information for a certain period determined by the relevant laws and regulations.

i. Records relating to withdrawal of contract or subscription: 5 years

ii. Records of payment and goods supply: 5 years

iii. Records of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years

iv. Visit history: 3 months


4. Use of personal information and third party provision

The Company shall keep the personal information of the member "2. Personal information items that you collect "and use them only within the scope of the notice. In addition, the company does not disclose the member's personal information to the outside by default.

In the following cases, the Company may provide personal information to third parties with the consent of the member. Even in such cases, the provision of personal information to third parties is only possible with the consent of the member, and the member may not agree to the provision of personal information by not using the specific service or by not participating in certain types of promotions or events.

① Member's name, address, phone number, etc. may be provided to the shopping mall company, paid content provider, or carrier for shipping and settlement such as purchasing goods or using paid contents.

② Personal information of the members participating in various event events can be provided to the organizer of the event.

③ When the company entrusts the provision of a specific service to an external company (hereinafter referred to as a consignor), the member's personal information necessary for the service may be provided to the consignor with the consent of the member, and the consignment of the service is specified. The consignor shall not use or provide this information to any third party for purposes other than those entrusted with the collection, handling and management of personal information of the provided member.


5. Procedures and methods of personal information destruction

In principle, the member's personal information will be destroyed without delay when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. The procedure and method of destroying personal information of the company are as follows.

① Destruction procedure

The information entered by the member for membership purposes is transferred to a separate DB after the purpose has been accomplished (in the case of paper, separate documents). According to the internal policy and other relevant laws and regulations, Period is saved and destroyed. This personal information will not be used for any purpose other than those held by law unless otherwise provided by law.

② Destruction method

Personal information printed on paper and received documents are destroyed by crushing or incineration. Personal information stored in an electronic file is deleted using a non-recoverable technical method.


6. Rights and methods of personal information of members and legal representatives

① Members and legal representatives can inquire or modify the personal information registered by themselves or their children under the age of 14 at any time.

② When a member requests correction of an error of personal information, the member does not use or provide the personal information until the correction is completed.

③ The Company shall process the personal information that is terminated or deleted at the request of the member or legal representative as described in "3. Retention and Use Period of Personal Information" and shall not be viewed or used for any other purpose.


7. Matters concerning the installation / operation and refusal of automatic collection of personal information

The Company uses 'cookies' that store and retrieve information of members in order to provide proper service to visitors to the homepage of the Company. A cookie is a small amount of information that a server (HTTP) used to run a website sends to a member's computer browser and is stored on the hard disk of the member's PC.

① Purpose of Cookie

It is used to provide optimized information to members by understanding the type of visiting and usage of each service and website visited by members, popularity queries, membership size and so on.

② Installation / operation and refusal of cookies

Members have the option to set cookies. Thus, by setting options in your web browser, members can check every time a cookie is saved or refuse to accept all cookies or save all cookies. However, if you refuse to store cookies, you may have difficulty using some services that require login.

* How to set whether to allow cookies (for Internet Explorer): Click Tools> Internet Options> Privacy


8. Technological and administrative protection measures of personal information

The Company takes the following technical and administrative measures to ensure the safety of personal information in order to prevent personal information from being lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged.

① Technical protection measures

i. The mobile phone number and password are encrypted and stored and managed. Only the person knows it, and the confirmation and change of personal information can be done only by the person who knows the password.

ii) The Company is doing its best to prevent leakage or damage of personal information of members by hacking or computer virus.

iii. The Company is backing up the data from time to time in order to protect personal information from damage, and uses the latest vaccine program to prevent personal information or material from being leaked or damaged.

iv) The company can securely send and receive personal information over the network through encrypted communication.

v. The company uses intrusion prevention system to control unauthorized access from the outside, and is trying to have all possible technical devices to ensure system security.

② Administrative protection measures

i. The Company restricts personal information handling staff to the person in charge and assigns a separate password for it and regularly updates it.

ii) The company regularly educates staff members and emphasizes the handling and management of members' personal information.

iii. The company confirms compliance with the company's privacy policy and compliance with the company's personal information protection department through in-house personal information protection departments.


9. Personal information manager and contact person

Members may report all personal information related complaints that may arise during the course of using the company's service to the person in charge of personal information management or our customer management team ( The company will respond quickly to members' reports.


If you need to report or consult about privacy infringement, please contact the following organizations.

- Personal Information Infringement Notification Center ( / 118)

- Information Protection Mark Certification Committee ( / 02-580-0533 ~ 4)

- Supreme Prosecutors' Office, Advanced Criminal Investigation Department ( / 02-3480-2000)

- Cyber Terror Response Center ( / 02-392-0330)


10. Obligation of Notice

If you need to add, delete or modify the contents of the notice, you will be notified through the Daily or Service Announcements screen at least one week before the effective date.

- Announcement date: September 12, 2018

- Effective date: September 19, 2018